i just need a little push

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I stand with little toes curled over

The water’s edge, heart beating,

Hoping I won’t die, if I dare

To jump. I’ve seen them do it,

All those other kids who find

It easy to take leaps of faith.

A little push is all it takes,

But someone needs to do it now.

I was speaking to another person who has recovered from alcohol issues and we were comparing notes about sobriety. I was particularly drawn to this lady because she was an introvert like me and I sometimes find the extroverts to be a little overwhelming.

In recovery circles, there are lots of extroverts and I find that they can sometimes be a little overbearing. I have been told many times that if I ‘isolate’ at home and refuse to phone people every evening, then I must be sick. And yet, I seem to enjoy these things, so how can they be bad?

Anyway, this woman said that she could always do things if she had a little push, but without that push she wouldn’t really leave the house. And she felt perfectly happy being this way!

It was nice to meet another person like me. Being able to identify with people is a human’s favourite thing and I always feel like I’m being told my way is a bit wrong. Well, there you go; there are others out there…

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “i just need a little push

  1. Margot Kinberg

    That’s the thing, Rachel. Each of us is different, and there’s not one ‘right’ way to be when it comes to extroversion or introversion. How you’re comfortable is how you’re comfortable. It doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally try something new or push yourself a bit. But comparing yourself to others is almost always a recipe for anxiety.

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