the holiday rep

palm trees under a blue sky
Photo by Rachel Claire on

They come to airports with their clipboards

Clutched in arms, golden brown,

A healthy life under the Majorcan sun.

Until that sun begins to sink

And stars come out with fishbowl drinks,

Girls in skimpy clothes and boys

Out to score in noisy clubs.

The reps are at the centre of it all,

Leading guests onto the battle field,

The strip that never sleeps at night,

With crazy Brits just out for fun

That very often ends in tears

Or at least a greasy chicken meal.

One thought on “the holiday rep

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Ah, yes, the holiday club scene! It’s quite different, isn’t it, to the daytime scene of people lounging in the sun, touring the local sites, and so on. And, yup, it so often ends with a ‘drunk food’ meal at three or four in the morning. I wonder how people have the stamina to do that and get up early for the next day’s hike or whatever.

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