it’s sweepstakes time: oscars edition

close up of an academy award
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Who’ll wear yellow

And who will fall

Like J-Law on that fateful night?

Put your fiver in the hat,

Pull your lot

For Actress, Actor and Best Film.

By midnight we will know

The winners and the losers too,

All trailing off the Elton’s do

With statuettes and goody bags,

To celebrate or drink away those blues.

It’s no secret that I love an awards bash. I have no desire to be famous, until awards season comes around and I see all the pretty dresses on the red carpet. And for one night, I wish that I could dress up like a princess.

I wrote about the BAFTAs the other day, but tonight is the Big One – it’s the Oscars.

We don’t get much coverage over here in the UK but we obviously get to see the pictures afterwards, and the journalists are all over there, outside the Vanity Fair party, ready to interview people live on our breakfast shows.

If we were in the right time zone, I would 100% stay up and take bets on who wins what and who is going to wear the most beautiful and the most hideous outfits.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “it’s sweepstakes time: oscars edition

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Oscars Night really is a big deal, isn’t it, Rachel? I have to admit, I’m not much of a one to celebrity-watch, but it is fun to see the red carpet and all those stunning clothes. And then I do like to know which film and actors won, just because it’s one of those things people talk about, and I want to feel clued in. But like you, I would never actually want to be a celebrity.

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