am i just a wimp?

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Do I wilt in situations

Where others tend to thrive?

Hoping for ways out

When things begin to dive.

Are there people whispering

About my competency?

Is hiding in the toilets

A proper way to be?

I have long wished that I could spend a day in another person’s body or be able to scan somebody’s body so that I can feel what they feel. I would love to be able to see if others feel as uncomfortable as I do and whether I just overreact; whether I’m just a bit of a wimp?

To me, some situations feel so overwhelming that I cannot bear to be there. I would rather run away and look like a loser than stay and put myself through those intense emotions.

However, I do wonder if others feel those emotions with the same intensity as I do. Are they feeling like they want to vomit, but they can just handle it? Did they feel it was too much when they were kids but now that they’re adults they’ve built up a resilience?

I kind of hope that I do feel things more intensely, because otherwise I am officially a wimp. On the other hand, you could say that being able to feel things in all the technicolour glory that us empaths do is a gift and really I should be celebrating it and treating it as a gift.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “am i just a wimp?

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I think there are things that make us all react strongly, Rachel. For some people, public speaking is enough to make them want to vomit. For others, it’s meeting new people, or driving, or… Those intense emotions are technicolour, but they are hard to face at times.

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