the great musical bookmark

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Transported in a moment,

One strike of the key

Or that first sultry tone

And there you are

In space and time

A place you’d rather be.

I have spent this evening watching back to back music on BBC2 and it’s totally transported me to another time and place. I started with Top of the Pops 1994, and then carried on to watch Mariah Carey on the BBC.

So many of those songs from the mid 90s are so special because it was just before I hit my teens and things become so complicated and emotional. My memories of that time are a bit hazy now, but I do remember the feelings I experienced in the summer before I went up to secondary school.

Some of those classic songs stayed popular for a long time and I remember playing some of those ballads really loudly and feeling heartbroken or madly in love when I was about fourteen or fifteen.

Similarly, I find I can watch Dawson’s Creek and feel the same way. I feel a bit sad watching and listening to these videos as they just remind me of a much simpler time when only rich business men carried mobile phones and social media was just a whisper in the wind.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “the great musical bookmark

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I love the way music can do that to you, Rachel – carry you to a particular time and place. I think that’s one of its healing qualities. I know it happens to me, and that’s part of what makes music sometimes such an emotional experience.

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