true friends will make time

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I have trouble with these sweeping statements,

Where if you do not meet the bar

You’re bad, or evil

Or just a little bit thick.

Aren’t we supposed to love each other

In all our technicolour glory?

Regardless of our strengths and flaws

Our talents or our GCSE scores.

I’ve always been a hater of those sweeping statements that always appear in Facebook posts surrounded by rainbows and flowers. They often say things like ‘true friends will always make time for you’ or ‘everyone has had a difficult time over the past two years’.

I don’t think many of these quotes are meant to be horrible but I think that sometimes people need to understand that not everyone as the same.

I commented on a social media post saying that not all people hated lockdown. I just showed my support and said that actually lockdown had been luxurious for me because I love being alone and in my own home.

Immediately afterwards, I got a reply saying that I was evil and that loads of people died and I should be ashamed of saying it was a good time. It just showed me that we really live in a world that is tailored to extroverts and if you like to curl up at home, you are deemed to be a bad friend or an evil human.

I think it would be nice to see everyone being a bit more inclusive and not saying that if you don’t act as they do, then you’re somehow a less acceptable human. Be thoughtful.

Happy Easter

Rachel xx

6 thoughts on “true friends will make time

  1. jaquintinwriter

    Interesting post ~ people often take another’s words out of context ~ every person is unique and entitled to their opinion(s). It would be far nicer if those who disagree just bypassed a post rather than offer up negative feedback.

  2. Margot Kinberg

    You make a well-taken point, Rachel. People are very quick to jump to conclusions and paint with a proverbial broad paintbrush. Yet, as you say, we are all different, and we experience the world in very different ways. We need to make room for that.

  3. Farmer Winifred

    Maybe, just don’t take it personal Rachel. People who say that are coming from grief or guilt they can’t help but feel. Articles I’ve read lately indicate a lot of people just aren’t getting over their grief. Depression is at an all time high, as if it wasn’t before…
    I actually didn’t know what to blog since February with Russia’s genocide of Ukraine because everything I do on my blog might be called “chipper” or “peppy” so I was just trying to be reverent.
    My dumb Easter post today is not all that important… but I had fun. Long story short, I agree with you that Lockdown wasn’t all bad. And we should enjoy life. It’s brief! I mean, “Good grief!”
    Thank you for allowing me to comment, even though I am a new reader.

      1. Farmer Winifred

        Ug! I told a guy to go chase chickens and suck eggs today. He was being such a creep. So I am sorry to vent that on you, but I felt I had to be honest. Today I failed to spread light and I feel like a grump! But thanks YOU for being the voice of kindness.

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