the apology by boris

aerial photography of elizabeth tower london
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He stood before the packed out house,

Shuffling papers in his hands

Nervous for his task today,

Ready to speak, to take the stand.

The opposition wait with bated breath,

Eager to attack his every word

They know he has no real excuse

Every one he gives them is absurd.

I’m sorry, he says through gritted teeth,

I didn’t know that cake made it a party,

Even the balloons were slightly cryptic

And Liz Truss dressed up all tarty.

I think we should just drop it now,

I’ve said I’m sorry, paid the fine,

Forget the ones who followed rules

While I had cake and too much wine.

2 thoughts on “the apology by boris

  1. Margot Kinbergm

    Oh, you capture that apology beautifully, Rachel. Those last two lines are so telling, too… It always amazes me how people try to excuse what they’ve done, or at least explain it. You evoke the whole thing really well here.

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