we skipped class today

We slipped out of the back door

Out into that area where the bins are

Because nobody would spot us there.

We jumped a fence and I got my shirt caught

But we laughed and ran to town

Walking through the empty shops

And buying cokes and chips at Maccy D’s.

We should have been in Maths

Doing algebra or something with triangles

That we would never need in the real world.

So we bought bags of sweets at the corner shop

And made our way to the river

Dipping our feet in even though it was cold.

I wished the day could last forever

As I rested my head on your shoulder

The river winking sunshine as it passes.

But it has to end, as it always does

And we crept back home, sighing

As we sling our bags in the hall, pretending

The day was what our parents thought.

2 thoughts on “we skipped class today

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I love the way you evoke that delicious feeling of truancy, Rachel. And I especially like the ending, with that ruse to fool the parents. Of course, as soon as they get that call from the maths teacher…

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