slightly confused introvert

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From people

Constant chatter

Draining inner batteries

But sometimes I

Surprise myself

And prove

That I am wrong


I am an out and out introvert and I often tell people that I hate being around people – they just drain me. I can feel physically sick and tired if I have to socialise, and work, and take part in clubs etc. I sometimes feel that I need to sit in a dark room with headphones on.

But the strangest thing happens every so often – I actually enjoy company and maybe even thrive on it.

Today I had my first ever face- to- face parents’ evening and I was pretty nervous for it. But once I got into my groove and started working through each family, I started to find it really enjoyable.

It helped that I have top set Year 7, so their parents were lovely to talk to and really receptive to everything I said. But the fact was that I was having a blast just talking about books and writing with people who really cared about it.

It just goes to prove that even the most die hard introvert, who actually makes herself sick thinking about social events, can have moments when people are beautiful.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “slightly confused introvert

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Humans are, by our nature, social creatures, Rachel. That’s how the species is constructed. So it’s not surprising that even a complete introvert like yourself (I’m one, too) sometimes enjoys the company of others. I’m glad your parents’ meeting went so well!

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