the pe lesson outside my window, may thirteenth

blue athletic field
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I hear the teenage girls screeching

And the thwack of the ball hitting the bat,

The team cheers as she scores a rounder,

Firing up my projector and wishing

For a sunshiney afternoon on the field,

Fresh cut grass and sunglasses on

As the boys play dodgeball and someone screams

So angry that another boy cheated,

My books go out onto plastic top desks

Print out materials flutter to the floor

Catching the light and the cries of gulls,

I wish that I could be out there too

As I stack up the novels and dream

Of netball or running or a swimming pool hour

I listen intently to the PE class sounds

Outside my window on May the thirteenth.

7 thoughts on “the pe lesson outside my window, may thirteenth

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Yes, I’d like to know how that assessment went, too, Rachel! But, back to your poem, there is definitely an appeal to going outside and playing sports or just taking a walk, especially when the weather is good. I don’t blame you at all for feeling the lure….

    1. patientandkindlove

      I have heard nothing from the Head teacher so I am taking that as a good sign! And my classroom looks out on the courts where the kids do PE so I feel very jealous on sunny days.

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