the politician’s daughter

white house
Photo by Aaron Kittredge on

She was shepherded on stage

After the win, when the whole world wanted to see

The happy family, the secretive three,

Her father waving in a stately way, and mother

Dressed in designer clothes, hair done

That afternoon at Toni and Guy’s,

While Madison stood awkwardly by her side

Looking out across that sea of waving signs,

Her surname out there on their tainted lips,

Not that she had much of a choice up there.

Ugly dress that some consultant picked,

He said it made her look so wholesome when

The country seemed to be falling apart,

Young people these days, with their antisocial ways.

She stands there, stony faced and wishing

That she could be anywhere else, anybody else

As the flashbulbs pop and people chant her name.

One thought on “the politician’s daughter

  1. Margot Kinberg

    It must be really hard, Rachel, for politicians’ kids to be in the limelight like that, when all they want to do is be kids. They didn’t ask for it, and yet, they’re supposed to smile for the camera, the whole thing. It’s got to be really hard on them, and I think you captured it very well.

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