now for the hard bit

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It’s pleasure and pain,

They go hand in hand,

You can never have fun

Without the sting of defeat,

You can never take the win

Without first being beat.

I got the job!!!! Which is all well and good, but now I have to do the really hard part: handing in my notice. I am the worst at having uncomfortable conversations and tomorrow is going to be full of them.

It made me think of a yoghurt advert we had over here in the UK where the tagline was that you can’t have pleasure without pain. You saw a woman enjoying a low fat yoghurt while a man was running around in the background being chased by bees.

The idea was that you could enjoy something delicious and some other poor fool would suffer the pain.

Oh wish that could apply to real life (not that I want to wish pain on anyone else). But this conversation with the boss is going to be cringe-worthy. I’m halfway through my rollercoaster ride and I’m just about to go into the huge loop that terrifies everyone.

For the second day running, wish me luck.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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