the jury’s out

person holding a gavel

The seven men and ladies sit

Shuffling in mahogany chairs

They’ve been there for so many days

Listening to the dry analysis

The arguments and salty tears

And now it rests entirely in their hands

The judge has read them final rites

And so they tiptoe out and back

A world that holds its breath for them

To utter words of guilt or not.

The Amber Heard and Johnny Depp case has now come to its dramatic conclusion and the jury have been released to make their deliberations. This is the tense part, where each side has relinquished control and it rests in the hands of seven people who have no legal training.

People are unpredictable beings and it’s impossible to guess which way they will vote. It’s similar to voting in general elections where one slip up from a politician can change public opinion and the whole perception of the party changes in the blink of an eye.

It must be awful to be in that bubble, not knowing if somebody might decide you need punishing just because they didn’t like you in Pirates of the Caribbean. I know it’s not that simple, but we are fickle creatures so anything is possible.

I have never been called up for jury service, but the responsibility would rest heavily on my shoulders; knowing that I could potentially ruin a person’s life.

I hope that everything sorts itself out for Amber and Johnny because it’s really sad that anyone has to go through public humiliation. It just goes to show what people are willing to put themselves through when lots of money is at stake.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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