perhaps i should interview before every half term?

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The sweaty palms, desperately wiped on trousers

As the handshake approaches, and questions

Pile upon questions and you try to pretend

That you work well under pressure,

And all that other crap you promise

But know you’ll never do, but how good

Does it feel when the adrenaline has gone

And the flat line begins.

I have found that I generally don’t seem to enjoy the one week half term holidays because I spend the whole time stressed out. The first half is spent worrying about all the things I did wrong over the last term. Then I hit Wednesday and I start to worry about everything bad that will happen on my return.

It doesn’t make for a relaxing time.

However, this time around, I’m on my first day and I already feel pretty chilled. It’s probably a combination of having a bit of sun, knowing that I can free wheel into the final few weeks, and the pressure of the interview being off.

Whatever the reason, I need to repeat it more often because holidays can sometimes be more stressful than working weeks. I don’t know how well it will go down with schools if I decide to go for an interview once every ten weeks – but I could be onto something.

I’m going to be the teacher that has to change job ever 10-12 weeks just so that I can enjoy the come down after an interview.

Much Love

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