the day that britney got married

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The beautiful girl who burst on our screens

In a tied up shirt and knee high socks

Who has been through so much, has got married again

And this time we hope that it’s happy

That no one controls her life for a day

That life can be as simple as when

She was just a young girl in the South.

So, Britney got married again this weeks, and I think that we all hope that this can be her happy ever after. I fear that she will never get the peace that she deserves, but hopefully she can enjoy this moment of bliss for as long as possible.

Of course, this wedding comes after the ending of her conservatorship that controlled everything from her finances to her life choices -like having a baby and getting married. Her fans fought hard for her to get her freedom and I hope that she is actually free now.

One thing that makes me really sad is the fact that she had no family there, and I wonder how happy she can really be about that? They have treated her terribly, but underneath it all I’m sure that she’s sad it’s come to this.

Family break ups are just the worst thing to go through and if I were to get married tomorrow, I’m not sure that my mum would turn up. That makes me really sad – it doesn’t matter what has been said and how much pain I feel, that sadness would still be crushing.

Still, she did get to sing Vogue with Madonna, Donatella Versace, Drew Barrymore and Selena Gomez. Watching that was a little bit like being in some kind of fever dream; kind of cool, but also kind of weird.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “the day that britney got married

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I wish her happiness, too, Rachel. She has been through more than her share of trouble, and it would great if she could finally have a bit of peace and happiness. And let’s hope she can continue to live her life on her terms.

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