sunny sports day chaos

empty sports ground near school
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The chairs from classrooms crocodile

Out to fields where track lines scar

The verdant green that stretches far.

House teams gather in their coloured groups,

The reds all painted on their faces,

War stripes warning others that the win

Is theirs, and theirs alone, OK?

Relays rattle round the lanes at speed,

And champions stand atop the podium

Dragged out from a dusty corner in

A sports hall cupboard only opened once

In every year when sunny days roll round.

The sun beats down and tired girls

Fan their faces, sun cream slathered on

The skin that turns a pearly pink,

One child vomits and another cries,

It’s time to end this fun of hell,

Whichever way you view the sunny day

It’s here to stay, to let the ones

Who need that burst of starlit charge

Burn so bright for just one day.

We had sports day today and it was actually a really fun day. The kids were great and there were some stellar performances. There are some kids you have no idea are talented at sport and then you see them run like the Roadrunner – it’s eye opening, to say the least.

What I do love about sports day is the fact that the kids who are normally naughty in class have a chance to really shine. I don’t believe that it is OK for these kids to be disruptive, but I do understand that school is restrictive and for some people that must feel like hell.

I hope that any teachers out there have enjoyed the sports day season and that you all won your teacher’s races – or at the very least, didn’t fall over in front of everyone. If you fell over, I advise that you resign immediately because the kids will never let it go; your life will effectively be over.

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “sunny sports day chaos

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Sports Day is such a good time for kids who maybe don’t shine in the classroom. And it’s a good opportunity for the school to be a community. It’s very hard on the bookish academic kids who aren’t good at sports at all and who get bullied for it. But otherwise, it can be a great time.

    1. patientandkindlove

      I must admit, our sports day was really inclusive and people were encouraged to participate whether they were good at sport or not. It was nice to see everyone cheering those guys at the back, over the line.

  2. K.L. Hale

    I always loved Sports Day~and teachers truly find their strength or find out they’re definitely beat! I’m sorry it’s been a while I’m visiting. Are you enjoying any time off yet?

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