coffee shop on a hot day

coffee shop
Photo by Afta Putta Gunawan on

Crowds of shoppers willingly spill out

Onto a pavement that’s scorched and sticky,

Summertime outfits showing off skin

Slick with sweat, reflective eyes

As polarised sunglasses stare back at me.

The queue snakes in to baristas

Looking hassled, pen thrust in a ponytail

As she takes our order without looking up,

The coffee machine hisses in protest,

Standing as one with the tired employee,

‘Surely it’s too hot for lattes today?’

And so we order creamy drinks, filled to the brim

With ice cubes clunking against plastic cups,

We knock back iced teas and nibble at muffins,

Dreaming of drinking cocktails instead,

Away from this shopping mall, on a beach somewhere

Under a parasol and listening to waves

Crashing in rhythmically, onto the sand.

4 thoughts on “coffee shop on a hot day

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I love the mental imagery here, and you’re so right about the poor baristas, Rachel. They’re overwhelmed on a hot afternoon, with people buying iced lattes and so on. And then there are the people who take advantage of the aircon and the free WiFi to hang out there. Coffee shops can be very hot-weather friendly, although you wouldn’t think so.

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