just play the bloody game

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Just play along, that game

It’s there to form a frame

So we know the rules, can keep it safe,

But even if you’re quite the little maverick,

You want to shake it up and change the world,

It still pays to keep one foot within the rules;

No one likes a show off, someone with no cares

For those who need those boundaries,

To those, you’re just attention grabbing,

A man who’s fine with blatant back stabbing.

I was on my way home tonight and I was listening to an interview with John McEnroe on Radio 2. He is plugging his film that is out, that documents his rise to tennis stardom and how he regularly stuck two fingers up to the powers that be.

However, it was interesting what he was saying, as a man with more experience in life, looking back at how he could have done things differently. He admitted that he did break some rules without really understanding what he was doing wrong, and it riled people up because they read it as him being rude.

He did then go on to speak about his desire to use his platform to make a difference – even if it was just in the way that the game of tennis was played and how the players talked about their feelings.

But, he did say that you can’t make changes unless you have at least one foot within the boundaries of what is acceptable. He said that if you go too wild, people can’t get on board with what you want. He said that you can appear to be a hypocrite because you are making a fuss but also attending the parties and doing the interviews.

It made me think that based on that theory absolutely anyone can make a difference if you really want to. Even if you’re the most straight laced person, you only need to step out of your comfort zone just a little and you can get noticed, and more importantly, respected.

You don’t need to be a crazy person who everyone look at, and I like to tell my students who kick up a fuss about everything, that they should just play the game. I thought that I might be giving them duff advice but actually there might have been some wisdom in what I was saying.

Make your life a bit easier – and maybe a bit more purposeful – and just play the bloody game.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “just play the bloody game

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I think McEnroe really is an interesting person on that score, Rachel. He makes a good point that if you want to really make change, you need to be close enough to conformity that people will feel comfortable listening to what you have to say. If you’re too ‘out there,’ people won’t pay attention. Or they will, and you’ll just be shouted down.

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