it is literally hotter than the surface of the sun today

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The days at school have been shortened

As the heat rises, classrooms baking

And students moaning, teachers too

And we all pray for the setting sun

When the sting is taken out of the day

And we can breathe a little easier.

It has been so hot in the south of England today; we have had the Met Office put us on a red weather warning which means that there is danger to life.

I think people from other countries are laughing at us a bit because we are moaning about temperatures they normally see every summer. But the UK is genuinely not set up for this kind of weather. Out houses are built to keep in heat, not let it out.

We are all literally dying over here, so please think of us as we melt in our classrooms that have sun in the windows all day, and no air con. I’m going to grasp my God given right as a Brit to complain, and moan for the rest of this week.

Much Love

Rachel xx

5 thoughts on “it is literally hotter than the surface of the sun today

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I feel terrible for what you folks are going through right now, Rachel. Doesn’t matter if others go through it, too, it’s horrible. Please stay as cool as you can, drink lots and lots of water, slow your pace down, and hang in there. Thinking of you…

  2. clcouch123

    Given the fires in France and the Po drying up in Italy, it seems that all of Europe is baking. And so no one should begrudge the UK for either suffering or complaining. No a/c in your classrooms? Given the situation, that seems perilous.

  3. Greg Dennison

    I get that.

    The normal ocean currents running along the Pacific coast of the US bring cold water down from Alaska, so the water is cold year-round, and coastal communities usually have fairly mild summers. Even on warm summer afternoons, there is often a cool breeze, and the air usually cools down quickly once the sun goes down. But the west coast is also mountainous, meaning that the weather can change drastically as you head inland from the coast. The cool coastal weather does not always make it very far inland.

    I live inland, and my parents live closer to the coast. It’s a three hour trip by car, but the summer weather is drastically different. When I visited them a month ago, they were going through the kind of heat wave that they only get once every few years (and it was even hotter for me), and it didn’t cool off at night. Their house doesn’t have air conditioning, because normally they don’t need it (plus my parents like to keep the house unusually cold anyway, even in winter, but that’s another story). I was sleeping in my underwear with no covers, and it was still hot.

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