just let me do my job, please

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I’m here to do one thing,

That’s what I’m paid for,

That’s what I’m trained for.

So why are we talking about things

Irrelevant and useless,

Draining the life from me?

We can all do better,

So stop with the sniping

And let me get the result that you want.

We have the Commonwealth Games going on in Birmingham at the moment and there has been a bit of a fight between the Australian press and the swimmers which I have found really interesting.

It is Kyle Chalmers, the Australian 100m freestyle champion, who put out a statement on Instagram asking the Australian media to just back off if they really want the team to perform to their best.

Now, I haven’t done too much research into what has happened but I think a lot of the attention that has been stirred up has come from the fact that Cody Simpson has joined their team. He is an ex-pop star who toured with Justin Beiber and dated Miley Cyrus and and one of the Hadid sisters.

I’m kind of torn about how I feel about the way press intrude on athletes, because Chalmers has a point – they are there to swim, and the press are riling them up and making that difficult.

On the other hand, these guys are professionals and I think that everybody in the world has a responsibility to manage how they react to others. These swimmers are trained to get on with the job no matter what is going on in the outside world, and I’m actually quite surprised that Chalmers has got so upset about it.

I’ve never had the press intruding on my personal life though, so I can’t really comment and say that I would handle it any differently. I do wholeheartedly believe that people should be respected though, and perhaps the press need to back off and just judge these guys on what they are paid to do.

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “just let me do my job, please

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I think it must be a real challenge, Rachel, to handle the press and all the media attention if you’re a famous athlete (or, for the matter of that, a famous politician or even a famous rock star). Athletes are there to do their sport. Politicians are there to do their legal jobs. Rock stars are there to make music. What they had for lunch, or what they said to their kids, or whatever, is nobody’s business. I’m sure they do get tired of the distractions. And yet, it seems to be part of the job. In fact, more than one of our athletes here have gotten into trouble because they weren’t more chatty with the media.

  2. Vic Crain

    Part of the issue is the cross-over of news and entertainment. Dredging up character flaws rather than reporting on what people do. Murdoch is a prime culprit in encouraging that, preferring sensationalism over truth. The view is that any controversy is good for sales, regardless of whether the alleged controversy has any basis in fact.

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