writing in a roadside inn

Sitting on the well worn bed,

She pens the song that one day wins

The Grammy and the praise that came

Upon her diamond sparkle dreams,

But now the trucks will thunder by,

The light from Starbucks blinds,

Denying her the sleep she wants

And so she scratches at the paper,

Fetid air pushed around the room

By the single fan, in a shady corner.

This is not her gold dust dream,

But on the wind that whisper’s there

Is word of penthouse rooms one day.

One thought on “writing in a roadside inn

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I love the imagery here, Rachel! I’ve stayed in places like that, and it’s funny how you can get the best ideas in that sort of place. At the same time, they can be nondescript – even grotty. But that’s not where our writing lives; it lives in our hearts and minds…

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