a workplace so snug and solitary

The office has walls that press in,

Perspex and glass to make it feel light,

But there’s no getting away

From the fact I can’t move,

I can stretch out my legs, and circle my neck

But I’m caged like an animal

For eight hours a day.

I like teaching because I have the ability to walk around my room; I don’t have to sit in one place and tap away at a keyboard for eight hours. And when I’m not teaching, I can take walks to the staff room and the photocopying room, so I get lots of opportunity to move about.

So, I do wonder how people manage in jobs where they have to sit still for long periods of time. I think that the only exception to the sitting rule would be if I worked in a booth of some sort.

I used to love working on the checkout in Sainsburys, there was something hypnotic about just scanning people’s shopping through the till and I never seemed to get bored.

I do wonder if my introversion plays into this. Although I hate working at a computer in an open plan office, I do love to be isolated. It would be even better if there were quiet periods and I could just sit in my ticket booth and read my book or do a sudoku puzzle.

I never thought that I would fancy working for the police but I found this image of London’s smallest police station and I think that actually I could get on board with that. I could imagine myself sitting in that little office, just watching the people go by. Not sure I’d get much work done, but I’d enjoy my working environment!

Much Love

Rachel xx

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