handbags and marmalade sandwiches

royal guard standing beside building
Photo by Roméo on Pexels.com

She was tired on Thursday afternoon,

And she knew that soon she’d have to leave,

So she packed a handbag with her favourite things:

Some dog treats for the corgis and

A pair of gloves for royal waves to loving crowds,

And don’t forget the sandwich spread with marmalade

We learnt she loved a few months back in June.

She slipped her hat upon her head,

A pair of shiny shoes on feet and off she marched

Up and up on marble steps that led straight to

The clouds and gates where one man waits,

A smile upon his face, and hand outstretched;

‘Welcome Lilibet, my love,’ he whispers in her ear.

‘Now we’ll never be apart – we’ll be happy here.’

2 thoughts on “handbags and marmalade sandwiches

  1. Margot Kinberg

    What a lovely tribute, Rachel! You express so much so well here! My deepest condolences to you and all my UK friends on this deep loss. We will all miss Her Majesty very much. Thank you all for sharing her with us.

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