the vigil that got me

Watching the Queen’s children standing vigil around her coffin this evening was probably the first time that I felt truly touched and emotional since the news on Thursday.

I’ve obviously felt sad, but I really felt that human connection as I watched the four of them standing silently as the general public continued to file into the chapel.

I remember when my nan died, my aunt was so overcome that she literally threw herself on the coffin and began sobbing. Watching the sadness on Charles’ face just brought all those memories back to the surface.

People have been commenting on how ‘rude’ he was when he signed the papers in the throne room on Saturday, but I think that we were all forgetting the most important factor in all of this – he may be the King of England, but he has just lost his mum and that is crushing.

I felt a tear or two escaping as I sat and watched for those ten minutes. Moments like that are normally very personal and private and those poor people have had to play this all out very publicly.

I just hope that in between all of the many public engagements that they all need to attend, that they can grasp those few moments of quiet reflection so that they can recharge.

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “the vigil that got me

  1. Margot Kinberg

    It must be very hard and sad for them, especially since it’s very public, so they have no private room – at least not at the moment – for grieving. I wish them well personally; they have quite a burden.

  2. biglittleus

    I hope that in the future there are some changes made. It seems the public would like a more human and feeling royal family. We do not have the same expectations as in the past of keeping the stiff British upper lip. I would like to see the royal family have time to grieve and not have to perform so many public duties.

    1. patientandkindlove

      I agree. The Queen was very quiet and didn’t really show any emotion. That did make me respect her though. To remain silent when people are saying bad things about you takes a lot of grace and patience. I wish I could demonstrate that like she did!

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