it’s banned books week

burning book page
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Let’s throw them into raging flames

That lick so angrily at curling pages

Begging to be read before

They disappear for once and all

Because the men in pinstripe suits

Feel words in ink are dangerous

And public folk can’t handle them

So best to rid the world

And keep us safe from harm.

It’s Banned Books Week which is an interesting one, because I very much believe that books are there to teach us about everything that goes on in the world, whether that be good or bad. I don’t think that it should be down to a man in a suit to tell me whether or not I can handle something.

I guess there is a responsibility for the authorities to make sure that a book is not likely to incite violence or hatred, but most fiction will only be exploring these ideas, not telling people to go out and do anything terrible.

I teach at a faith school and they won’t allow the Heartstopper series to be kept in the library because it is LGBT+, and I wonder how much damage that may do to some kids. Surely everybody deserves to be represented, and banning books about groups of people doesn’t do anyone any favours.

So, do make sure that you go out and read something naughty this week – you’re lucky that you live in a world where you can do that.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “it’s banned books week

  1. Margot Kinberg

    You make a good point about the Heartstopper series, Rachel. That’s just one example of the many, many reasons for which banning books is wrong and even dangerous. If we can’t explore ideas, we’re in big trouble as a species.

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