a serial killer living next door

person s hands covered with blood
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Those sounds at night,

The whir of the electric drill

And the drip drip that you hope’s a tap

When deep down you know really

That man that went in two days past,

He’s never coming out again.

I have started watching Dahmer, the Netflix drama about the the serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. I have got three episodes in and I find I am starting to gag in parts, it’s so disgusting.

And yet, there is something that pulls us into these stories about serial killers. If you scroll through the Netflix menu, you will see programme after programme that explores the minds and the lives of these people.

I’m just about to watch episode four and I know that I’ll spend most of my time with my hands over my eyes. But i’ll love every moment of it, for some sick and twisted reason.

Much Love

Rachel xx

5 thoughts on “a serial killer living next door

  1. Margot Kinberg

    There is definitely something voyeurish about watching those dramas, isn’t there, Rachel? At the same time as we’re repulsed, we’re drawn to them. To me, it’s a bit like people’s tendency to gather and stare at a house where there’s been a murder, or to stare as they drive by the scene of an auto accident. Humans can be strange creatures…

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