a PE kit in a jane norman carrier bag

Kickers shoes and skirts rolled up

As we prowl the corridors of school

Our bright pink plastic bags

From River Island and Jane Norman shops

Slung over our shoulders

And bulging with our unwashed kits

For netball and the hockey teams

Sprayed with Spice World spray

And playing Aqua on our Discmans

Knowing that the world is ours

But not that all this shit will slide

From fashion in a year or two

And soon we’ll be just middle aged

Like those teachers that we mock

Reminiscing on those starlit times.

4 thoughts on “a PE kit in a jane norman carrier bag

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Ah, yes, if you ‘Wannabe’ popular, you had to have a certain things. You had to have a Discman playing Barbie Girl or Swear it Again or something. Your shoes mattered, too. Funny how those things change, isn’t it? But you know how you ruled the world!

    1. patientandkindlove

      I’m still working on the world domination part… but I don’t care so much about what type of shoes I wear (I do like anything that I can wear fluffy socks underneath because there is nothing more important than cosy feet).

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