we do so much more than teach

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We wipe away their tears

When they have got themselves worked up,

We prod them when they’re feeling way too lazy

To do the work that’ll get them through those tests,

You know, the GCSEs they need but seem to not

Remember that they’re coming up.

We mark their books till 10pm

Then start our emails way before the sun comes up.

Sure we get those long weeks off

But do you really want a try?

It’s National Teacher’s Day so I thought I’d write a little something to tell the haters what it is we actually do.

I feel like a teacher, a mum, a medic and a therapist most days and we all take it on with so much enthusiasm. I see a lot of teacher bashing on social media, but being in school you would see that 99.9% of teachers go above and beyond and want to see all kids succeeding.

So, take a bow teachers. You deserve those bloody long holidays.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “we do so much more than teach

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Teachers really do so much more than people think, Rachel! Teachers often take the roles of parent, counselor, doctor, mentor, tour guide, and tutor, just to name a few. They’re often the first to know if a student has a question or problem, and for some students, they are the only trustworthy adults around. I have nothing but respect for the teachers I teach, prepare, and supervise. If people really knew what teachers do, they’d be exhausted just following a teacher’s daily life…

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