be brave and play the game

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There’s always the chance

That you will suffer

Losses far too huge to bear

But sweet success will only come

If you can take those deathly blows

And win the golden medal that

Every person wishes to have hold.

I’m reading a book about sport at the moment, and I love books about any sport because we can learn so much about ourselves if we participate in the game.

One of the huge lessons that I think a lot of the students I teach struggle to deal with, is that we cannot win everything that we do. There has to be a hundred losses suffered before there can even be one win, because those losses give us the necessary experience.

Someone once told me that ‘if you play your chips all night, you’ll always come out even’. I like that saying because there are many times in life when I feel like I am down on my luck. But actually, if you spread all the goods and bads out, you have a nice even mix.

The thing is, you do have to actually play the game if you want to experience those wins. As a raging introvert, I sometimes choose to sit inside and not take part, but perhaps this is my little tap an the shoulder. The universe is whispering in my ear that perhaps I should get out there and do the things.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “be brave and play the game

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I couldn’t agree more. We need to teach young people that they will fail at times. Things won’t go their way, they won’t get that role/make that team/get that date with someone. But the key is to keep trying, to learn from your failures and idiocies, and focus yourself. Sometimes it means you’re not meant to do something and that’s OK, too. The key is to show up, if that makes sense.

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