the political shake up

a group of administration inside of conference room
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The Cabinet and the slightly eerie sounding

Shadow Cabinet moving in the darkness,

People getting fired and others

Walking out of Number 10, to jeers

From media men with cameras

And their fluffy microphones.

Who knows what’s going on

Behind that black and polished door,

We’ve all lost track

And sort of wish for Boris back.

Crikey, our political scene is a bit of a mess here in the UK. I hardly even know who the PrimeMinister is anymore. They last for about two weeks and then we’re onto a fresh one. And then the monarchy has had a bit of an upheaval, so everything feels a bit wonky at the moment.

I do think that most people would love to be a fly on the wall in some of the meetings in Number 10 at the moment. I bet there have been some angry words exchanged between lots of different people.

There could be no worse job than that of politician and I think I’ll just be leaving them to it.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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