a change in the tone of conversation

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Come talk to us

If you are feeling down

Come and share your worries

If it’s all a little too much

We’ll try to take the weight

And help you on your way.

I’ve noticed a change in the tone of converation since we have come out of the pandemic. And I’ve noticed it most acutely when I go to church.

In the days before we all went into repeated lockdowns we didn’t seem to talk so much about things being difficult and we didn’t need to ask people to step forward and accept help. Especially in the church environment, I always found that everyone had a sunny outlook. Now the tide seems to have changed.

When we are listening to the service we can put questions forward, anonymously, asking anything that we would like clarified. And there have been a lot of questions recently that start off by saying that the person is struggling in some way, so how does the Bible apply to them?

There are a lot of teenagers in our service and I get the feeling that many of these questions come from them – and that makes me very sad.

The young people are so aware of all the problems of the world and it makes me think that the role of the church is going to have to change. The services will have to be less preaching and more reassuring – especially for teenagers who are evidently really worried at the moment.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “a change in the tone of conversation

  1. Margot Kinberg

    That’s a really good point, Rachel. Just leading people in prayer and giving a sermon – even an inspiring sermon – isn’t enough. People want answers, real support, and help. As you say, they struggle, so it’s not hard to imagine that they wonder about how much religion should even matter. Churches will have to find ways of being relevant in these times if they want to make a difference.

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