how i wish i could name drop every so often

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I wish that I knew those starry names

That I could drop into chats with friends

So that they fizz like tablets dropped in water,

Bubbling furiously, as I glow in a crowd

Happy in the knowledge that I

Am the ine that’s connected

The one that is worthy of love.

When I lived in London I very regularly stood next to a celebrity as I ordered a pint in a bar. And because I was drunk, I was never frightened to have a chat. It meant that I could name drop a lot. I loved telling people that I’d sat with Ricky Gervais in my local, or passed Emma Thompson coming out of the toilets. It kind of made me feel special.

Now, I spend every evening in with my cat. I suppose age is the reason, but I can’t be bothered with leaving the sofa.

My friend was telling me how she knows the writer of the book that I’m reading and I did suddenly feel a little sad that I have such a secluded life. Every so often, I feel like I would love to be able to rub shoulders with the rich and famous so I can tell those exciting stories; make me feel special for five minutes.

But then I get home to my crochet blankets and the latest episodes of the Crown – and I think, perhaps not.

Much Love

R xx

2 thoughts on “how i wish i could name drop every so often

  1. Margot Kinberg

    It can be exciting to rub up against someone famous, can’t it, Rachel? I’ve only had it happen a couple of times, and by pure luck – not because I lived near famous people or anything. On the other hand, I’m with you. I like a quiet life – no drama. I’d much prefer never to meet a celebrity than to live in a proverbial goldfish bowl!

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