on being sick

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White blood cells whipping through

Veins that throb with effort

Heat emitting from our pores

The only way to flush the bug

That slyly took the body by surprise

Its evil fingers pulling

At our throat, our lungs

Hurting us with every painful breath.

I have got sick again and I am very bad at being sick. I run so I find my immune system is really strong and I very rarely pick up flu or colds. But then I got COVID last month and I think it’s knocked my immunity.

I was so sick this morning that I actually lay in bed crying. I’m that pathetic.

COVID has a lot to answer for, in my humble opinion. I have had a month of feeling really crummy – the brain fog has been the most frustrating thing. But this weekend has felt like hell and I hope that once I’ve coughed up all this green gunk, I can start looking forward to a healthier life.

Much Love

R xx

6 thoughts on “on being sick

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Oh, no! Poor thing! As if the stress and strain of daily life weren’t enough, you have to have the dreaded lurgy, too! Please take care of yourself, and sleep as much as you can. Soup, tea, mindless stuff on the box, blankets, the whole thing. Hope you’re well soon!

  2. clcouch123

    I’m so sorry you are sick. I can understand being a bad patient. I hope you get over what you have really soon. My sister is recovering from COVID, and for her she says the ongoing fatigue is the worst.

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