…if you’re fond of sand dunes…

grass beside the sea
Photo by Melanie Wupperman on Pexels.com

If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air

Walking in the wash, hand in hand

You’ll want to run through breezy reeds

And zig zag through the pastel huts

That dot the shoreline; little sheds

That hold those happy memories kids

Remember for a lifetime and

Their joyous voices carry out

Across the sunbleached virgin sand.

When it’s dark and miserable outside it’s sometimes really nice to just reflect on a memory from the summer; to just spend some time turning it around in your mind and admiring it.

I was just sitting on my sofa, covered in a crochet blanket and I found myself thinking back to my summer holiday this year.

The memory that bubbled up was the day we went for a walk to Old Hunstanton. We walked through the sand dunes, weaving our way between hundreds of beach huts that were all painted beautiful pastel colours.

It was like a picture postcard, almost perfect. My memories are very Instagram-worthy, but don’t be fooled. We all got burnt to a crisp and Noah even had sun stroke. The pictures were good though, and the pain of being burnt slowly fades to nothing.

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “…if you’re fond of sand dunes…

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Thanks for sharing that memory, Rachel. It must’ve been a lovely holiday, and those are definitely the memories that keep us going when the weather gets bad or life gets us down.

  2. crispina kemp

    I like your memory. I live on the coast, sand dunes are always there for me, even when covered in snow or hard with frost. Yet it’s the places I visit, north or south of me along the coast, that I remember most. And I ALWAYS burn when I go to Hunstanton 🙂

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