those christmas cooking shows

elegant table set up for christmas
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Sensual shots of fruity chutneys

Boiled and poured in starlit jars

Then pudding sparkling with the fruits

That soaked for months in rum

Feeling giddy on those boozy fumes

That seem to seep through TV screens

As TV chefs will lick their lips

Glossy with the melted goose fat

Crisping spuds like jagged rocks

That pile up in their silver dishes

Calling over pigs in blankets

Cabbage of a crimson red

And verdant sprouts in butter too

The chefs make Christmas seem so smooth

Sexy and a sultry do.

I love watching Christmas cooking programmes. I’m not really into cooking shows ordinarily, but the Christmas ones are something different.

My favourite is always Nigella. For those of you that don’t know who she is, she is a cook rather than a chef. And she is famous for being quite sexy with her cooking. Her descriptions of the food alone, are enough to turn most people on.

Her Christmas shows, and the ones other chefs make at this time of year, are always so magical. There are always twinkling lights and a houseful of happy friends enjoying the canapes she has made.

It’s what we always imagine and hope for Christmas to be – even if it very rarely is that way.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “those christmas cooking shows

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Like you, Rachel, I don’t usually go much for cooking shows. But there are some wonderful holiday recipes and serving ideas out there right now, aren’t there? And the people who create those shows – who do the lighting and the presentation – are so talented. They make the food and drink absolutely irresistible.

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