slog, slog, slog away

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Slowly crawl,

Slog your way

To higher numbers,

Triple digits,

Then four or five,

But do it for

Reasons that are right.

I just got a little notification from WordPress to say ‘Congratulations! You have reached 1,000 flollowers!’ And I had to stop and smile because it’s been a bit of a labour of love to reach that significant marker.

When I started this blog, I had high hopes of making a fortune from it, but as I wrote, I found I didn’t want to create content that was all about the best ways to save money or ween your baby. I wanted to write poetry, and about my life in the hope that at least a few people might feel the same things as me.

And for that reason, three years down the line, I have earnt zilch from this project. And I have put hours and hours of work into writing thousands of posts.

But the joy I have had in making those posts, sending them out into the world and receiving loving comments back is worth much more than thousands in advertising. And I hope that the 1,000 followers I have accrued are lovely people who value what I write.

Thank you to all of you (especially those of you who are not bots), and here’s to another three years of writing while laughing, smiling and crying.

Much Love

Rachel xx

8 thoughts on “slog, slog, slog away

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Congratulations, Rachel! I think it’s great that you’ve found some fulfilment in blogging. Your blog is excellent, too. It makes me think, sometimes makes me laugh, makes me nod my head in understanding, and a lot more. May you have many more years of blogging!

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