the french chateau and slices of chocolate gateaux

The chateau stands grandly on the lake

Reflecting in the sunlight stars

As we approach along the dusty drive

Our crumbling home was once

The grandest house within the valley

Eighty shuttered windows closed

Ready to be flung wide open

Tables dragged into a courtyard warmed

By midday sun just calling

For a wedding party, bunting, wine

And plates of cheese for guests

Who crossed the Channel hoping for

The romance the Loire could offer.

There is a show in the UK called Escape to the Chateau and then there is a spin off show called Chateau DIY. These programmes follow families that have bought huge chateaus in France and are doing them up.

You can buy these chateaus for a fairly reasonable price because many of them are so run down that you can’t live in them until you have done some work on them. So these families have a big job ahead of them – but it always seems wirth it in the end.

I don’t think I would have the energy to do this, but I do love the idea and the romance. I have holidayed in France several times and one of my favourite memories was a two week holiday that we had in The Loire Valley. I was only about ten when we went, but even then I could appreciate how beautiful the region was.

I would ride around the campsite on my bike and we would take walks in the grounds of a chateau. Then we would stop off at a local market and buy cheese and bread, and my parents would drink copious amounts of wine.

It was the perfect holiday. I won’t be taking on any huge DIY projects but I quite fancy escaping this cold and wandering aimlessly around the grounds of a chateau once again.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “the french chateau and slices of chocolate gateaux

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Chateaux are so beautiful, aren’t they, Rachel? And I love the idea of living in one of those village or even rural places where there’s peace and quiet. I know they can be horribly expensive to fix up, and living in them means you give up the convenience of suburbia or city life. But they’re so lovely!

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