always hoping the underdog will win

The slightly podgy boy

With glasses, lenses thicker than

The bottom of glass bottles,

Feet turned in

And trainers bought

From the nearest discount store,

But when the gun is fired

Like a shot he’s off,

Surprising crowds who cry

With happy tears, hoping for

A golden moment of their own.

It was the final of Strictly Come Dancing tonight. Over in the US you’ll know it as Dancing With The Stars. I think that everywhere it’s aired, it’s universally loved.

Hamza won the show and I don’t think anyone would have guessed that would be the case at the beginning of the season.

He improved so much and it was amazing to watch his dances this evening. He didn’t even start with a huge fan base so he had won people over on his actual dancing talent and his lovely personality.

I think we all love an underdog because it gives us some hope that we can also have a moment in the sun.

Well done Hamza and Jowita.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “always hoping the underdog will win

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I know what you mean about loving the underdog, Rachel. You’re right, I think, that we all cheer for the underdog at times. Perhaps it’s because we all dream of that upset win, or we all want to believe in a world where that sort of miracle can happen. Either way, a lot of people are on the side of the underdog.

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