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I have followed Sally McRae’s running career for many years now. I don’t follow her because she’s good (even though she is phenomenally talented); I follow her because she is unbelievably positive in her approach to life.

She has had a really tough life with her childhood being plagued with awful events, most importantly the death of her mother when she was still a teenager. But even though there was a time she wanted to give up, she never did.

She now has a beautiful family and a killer career as a runner, coach and writer. She is writing a book which I am so excited to read when it comes out.

This film follows a project that she dreamt up for this summer. The plan was to run 507 miles (the number of months her mother lived for) and she was doing it at the age her mother was when she died. This meant that it was a really poignant project and each run was a tribute to her in different ways.

This is a bit of a long video, but it’s so inspiring, so if you do get a spare forty minutes or so over the Christmas breack, I really would sit down with a cup of tea and give it a watch. If you are struggling to get yourself motivated with anything, this will give you the kick up the bum that you need.

Much Love,

Rachel xx

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  1. Margot Kinberg

    It’s always amazing to me how strong people can be when they need to be. I think a lot of people think, ‘I could never…,’ but when they really need to, they can rise to challenges. It’s nice to see these stories of people who have.

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