for the love of the murder mystery

It was Lady Crimson, in the library

With a revolver that was hidden

Behind a line of books,

And the splatter of blood, drips from the curtains

As the detective leans in and examines the corpse.

Us sitting at home, are piecing together

The clues that are scattered, enticing us in

And tricking us with those throw away clues,

Hoping to beat the pro to the truth.

During the last week, I have got sucked into a Netflix hole that includes a hell of a lot of detective style films. My current favourites are the Knives Out movies and the Enola Holmes films.

There is something so satisfying in trying to find out the answer to the mystery before the detective manages to do it. And the twists and turns when a red herring is thrown in are like being on a roller coaster while simply sitting at home on your sofa.

I am now running out of options so I’m going to have to hit the library tomorrow and see if I can take out a couple of Agatha Christie novels to satiate my new addiction.

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “for the love of the murder mystery

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I’ve loved crime fiction since I was young, Rachel, and I still do. I write it, I read it voraciously, and I think the best crime fiction stories are unforgettable. I hope you’ll enjoy your visit with Agatha Christie!

  2. clcouch123

    I like the image you use of Wednesday Addams. I enjoy mysteries, too, especially the British ones. My sister and I have recommended these to each other over years. And talked about them, of course. I enjoyed watching the Enola Holmes movies and haven’t seen the Knives Out sequel yet. I have friends who let me sit with their BritBox now and then. And Agatha Christie? Just right.

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