how to treat a spiritual injury

Is it possible to go to A&E, and ask

For them to patch up your broken heart,

Can they give you some pills to fix

Your loss of faith in God or man?

Or is it just a thing to deal with

On your own, in the privacy of your home

With tears streaming down cheeks

And a pain so severe, you know it will kill.

I was reading a book today and the author mentioned a ‘spiritual injury’ and I absolutely loved that term. My first response was ‘what the hell is that?’ Shortly followed by the thought that everyone must have had one of these injuries before.

And, can we take these injuries seriously?

I’d say that losing your faith in God or even the people you love, is just as serious as a physical injury. A bone can be mended, but the pain from this other type of injuries can be so much more long lasting.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “how to treat a spiritual injury

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Spiritual injuries can be more severe than a broken limb, and take much longer to heal, Rachel. And the worst thing is, people don’t always see just how much those injuries hurt, so you don’t get the sympathy, accommodation and so on that you need to heal. Some people don’t even give themselves permission to be hurt and to heal.

  2. clcouch123

    I think you’re right about the intensiveness of the spiritual injury. I do think it can be treated and we don’t have to do it by ourselves. For several years, I enjoyed the companionship of a spiritual director. Not everyone is right for everyone, but a good relationship like this can so helpful.

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