love in another time

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I’m sure that thing called love

Can straddle time, one foot in the now

And one foot in the long ago

Or maybe so far in the future that

We cannot comprehend that place.

But despite what people say

We do not change, we’ll always be

Two souls so hopelessly in love.

I just watched the first half of The Adam Project on Netflix this evening – no spoilers please, as I haven’t reached the end yet. But quite near the beginning of the movie, there was a scene that had a surprisingly emotional effect on me.

Ryan Reynolds’ character comes back from the future and meets his twelve year old self. At one point, he is in a bar, nursing a drink, when his mother walks in. Obviously, he is an adult so she doesn’t recognise him.

But she does speak to him and there is that spark between them. She seems to know that she has a deep love for him even though she doesn’t know he is her grown up son.

I do find it such an interesting idea that we are intimately linked with people and that doesn’t change, even if time or distance separates us. You see it a lot when long lost relatives ruinite and they say that they just feel like they have known each other forever.

I’m sure we’ve all had those sparks with people that we’ve only just met; I just wonder if they were actually versions of someone we know, flying in from the future.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “love in another time

  1. Margot Kinberg

    That link is really fascinating, Rachel. Sometimes I think you can feel it with people you only met a few times, or haven’t seen in decades. It’s not something you can really describe easily, but it binds you with another person in ways that cannot be severed. I felt that way about my daughter when I first met her (we adopted her). It was as though we’d always known her – I mean long before she was actually born. Sounds weird, I know, but that’s what that bond is like.

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