i love the way you read

The folded pages, turned

In corners where you paused,

The sweet inscription scrawled

On the title page

‘From Dave, with all my love,

Kiss kiss’.

I like to read the pencil notes

Scribbled in the margins

And I wonder what you thought

When you turned the final page.

I very rarely buy new books. I will normally either borrow from the library, or buy second hand from the charity shops. Some people like the feel of crisp new pages, but I prefer the knowledge that others have already enjoyed the journey I’m about to go on.

I’m reading a book from the library at the moment, and one of the people who have previously read it has dog eared the pages whenever they’ve closed the book. I know this is sacrilege for some people, but I love to know where people paused.

In fact, I love any clues I can find as to how people have experienced a book before me. I love to see notes in margins, and I love to know that it was gifted by a loved one from the inscription in the front.

The reading journey is so important, so leave a few breadcrumbs behind each time you read. There’s someone out there who will really appreciate it.

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “i love the way you read

  1. clcouch123

    This is a great alternative look, figuratively and literally, at how people read and as you say the clues they leave behind. I’m not a dog-ear corner reader, but now I have grist to think the other way. If I may say, well done!

  2. Margot Kinberg

    It is a sort of real connection, isn’t it, Rachel, when you see a note written in a margin, or a folded-down page, or an inscription on a flyleaf. It’s as though you’re about to start a conversation with someone about a book, and that can be great. And in Agatha Christie’s Postern of Fate, notes written in a book are a big clue to a crime…

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