Remembering you….

I bumped into somebody who I worked with a long time ago today. It was somebody who I became really good friends with but he is ten years younger than me, so when we left that place of work we never saw each other again.

I didn’t even recognise him as he was eighteen last time I saw him, and now he must be close to thirty.

But the feelings and the memories of a really weird time for me came flooding back. I was so tongue tied that I literally just stood staring at him, with nothing to say. And we were in the library and so after we went our separate ways, I drifted through the shelves not really taking in the books that I was looking at.

It felt a little bit ironic that I met him in a library as it felt like opening a book or a photo album. People are so powerful; they carry so much history, joy and pain.

I may never see that person again, but just those few seconds of contact opened up a whole world that I’d forgotten about. I’ll revel in that world for a few days and then I may close the book and forget about it for the rest of my life.

Goodbye 2012, it was great to see you again, but I’ll stay here now.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “Remembering you….

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Sometimes the past really does creep up on you, doesn’t it, Rachel? And then when you see that person, or hear that song, or…. you’re right back there at that moment. But as you say, time goes on, people change, and those moments are in history; you can’t really go back to them. And sometimes that’s just as well…

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