when do you make a fuss?

When do you make a fuss

And when do you sew your mouth shut?

When do you take a needle and thread,

Piercing the skin with a painful prick

And pulling the cotton tight?

Or when do you snap

Those restraining cords

And let flow the torrent of anger

You’ve held back for some time?

I had a sixteen year old launch a book at me in anger today. A sixteen year old boy is tall and intimidating, and when he throws a book at you – whether it hits you or not – it can feel quite frightening.

The problem is that the last time I was frightened at work, I told my boss and she went out of her way to put me in the most awful situations.

Deep down I know that my current workplace would never do that to me, but you remain scarred from nasty situations that you’ve lived through, and similar situations can then feel really frightening.

I have spent five years just saying that everything is OK, even if I do feel uncomfortable, just because I don’t want drama. And it has worked as there has been no drama. But I struggle to know when is the appropriate time to ‘kick up a fuss’? And do you have a right to make a fuss if you are feeling frightened? Or am I just the drama queen who needs to grow a pair and just deal with it?

So many questions, and so many social situations I’m just totally unable to decifer.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “when do you make a fuss?

  1. Margot Kinberg

    It sometimes is hard to know when to speak up, Rachel. But, speaking as someone who’s worked with teachers for a long time, you went through a traumatic situation in which a student committed a potentially violent act. It’s only my opinion, and I don’t know your workplace, but but I think that sort of thing needs to be reported. That student will do that sort of thing again. That’s just my view…

    1. clcouch123

      What happened was a form of assault. Attempted assault only because you didn’t say the book hit you. I appreciate your hesitancies; I really do. You might talk with a colleague. I’d hate for anything like this to happen to you again. I know the person is a teen and thus not finished growing up, but still I can wonder and hope if there might be understanding that a line was crossed.

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