a night out at the roller rink

The lights are flashing in a reddish haze

As skaters rumble past on rubber wheels

In neon fabrics. Stretchy, studded

With the shiny sequins winking

With each circle of the rink.

Where would any teenage girl

Rather be on weekend nights?

Than dancing to the golden beats

Of ABBA’s lovely Dancing Queen.

I keep getting adverts come up on my Facebook feed for vintage style roller skates and every fibre in my body wants to buy a pair.

When I was about seven or eight, I had a beautiful pair of pink and purple roller skates. I used to go camping with my family to this place where they had a lovely smooth, tarmac hill and I would stand at the top and then roll down to the bottom.

It was such a beautiful and freeing feeling as I flew down that hill at great speed. I would love to have that feeling again, but I think that age has brought fear with it and now I would be too frightened to even start rolling.

We never had roller rinks when I was younger, but they seem to have made it over to this country in the past ten years or so. Perhaps that might be something to do one Saturday night?

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “a night out at the roller rink

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I haven’t done it in years, Rachel, but roller skating is a lot of fun, isn’t it? Roller rinks were all the rage when I was younger, but I haven’t been to one in years. It might be fun to try to go again….

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