the medal ceremony

Some cheesy song begins to play

As we three stand in line, ready to be led.

Eye of the Tiger, or Simply the Best,

Something to get the crowd on their feet,

To make us feel like we’re worth our weight in gold

As we stand on the podium, head bent low

Waiting for the medal to be hung,

A quick glance down at the shiny disc

And the teddy bear they give us all

Before the flags are raised and music played

A tear or two for the worldwide cameras then

A wave to the crowd, posing for the pictures

And a march around the pool before

Being forgotten for another year of work.

I love medal ceremonies and I used to like them when I was a swimmer and just swimming at regional level. There was something so exciting about being lined up and marched around the pool to music that got the heart pumping.

And it was horrible to go home with nothing after a meet. If you didn’t get a medal or a pendant, or even a bookmark in some cases, then it didn’t feel like it was worth it.

I wish that I was a good enough swimmer to have made the Olympics because there is something so special about the medal ceremony at big competitions like that. I just worry that I’d be the one that spends the entire time sobbing as the flag is raised and the National Anthem is played. I definitely wouldn’t be able to play it cool…

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “the medal ceremony

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Medal Ceremonies really do get the heart pumping and the emotions going, don’t they, Rachel? Perhaps a bit of it is that so much hard work and training goes into the sport, whether it’s swimming, racing, football, or whatever? That plus the pageantry of it all – little wonder people get so emotionally invested in the ceremonies.

    1. patientandkindlove

      III love it when it’s really hard earned. The diver, Tom Daley, was sobbing on the podium when he won gold in Tokyo. And I think the whole country was behind him because we had watched him grow up and go through so much. It’s moments like those that I love.

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