what was the point where it all went wrong?

Was it when we had a first world war?

Or perhaps it had something to do with the TV set?

That little box in the corner of the room

That sucked us in for hours on end?

Was it the world wide web, meant for education

And now used to watch cats eating melon?

Was it the advent of reality shows, being blessed

With our first look into the lives of those beings,

Extremely rich and known as the Kardashians?

Whatever it was, we need to reverse,

Let’s head back to the time of Henry VIII,

When Shakespeare was top of the Times bestsellers

And heads could roll for saying the wrong thing.

I saw on Twitter today, that somebody had written a Tweet claiming that the moment it had all gone wrong was the day that we had decided to start fucking arounf with the hot cross bun. And it made me chuckle, because it does feel like, in a world where there are so many problems, we should be focusing our attentions on other things.

But on a serious note, nearly every generation will blame the one after or the one before for steering us onto the wrong course. For example, us millenials will forever bang on about the boomers buying all the property and then pricing us off the ladder. We also were the last generation to know a life without the internet, and we all know how that turned out.

Although I am sure that this is a problem that goes back as far as the human race. I am sure that the people of the 1930’s were fuming at their parents for the damage WWI caused. And the people of the 1600s blamed the people of the 1500s for not sorting out the sewage problems that led to the bubonic plague. I could go on and on.

I’m not going to go into where I think it all went wrong, but I am just going to put it out there that the red velevet hot cross buns actually look really good.

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “what was the point where it all went wrong?

  1. Margot Kinberg

    You know, Rachel, you have a point about the generations. The Greatest Generation blamed us Boomers for everything and were convinced that we were leading the world into a lazy, drug-induced haze, and that we would all live in communes with no respect for anyone. Didn’t happen. And then there were the GenXers, who were going to drive us all to destruction with their punk attitudes and their flouting of authority. Guess what? Xers didn’t do that. And you Millenials – trophy-hunting snowflakes with no work ethic and too much self-entitlement. Um, no. Not true. And let’s not even talk about the Zoomers. The fact is, we say those things about other generations because as you say, change happens and it can be tough. But each generation brings something new, exciting, and innovative to our humanness. That’s the beauty of teaching; you get to help that happen.

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