the scent of swimming pool

block building business city
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The automatic doors slide open

And the waft of swimming pool arrives

The metallic sound of splashing legs

As children push across their kickboard floats

The wall of blue that meets the eye

Soothes the ragged soul

This is a church of sorts

A place to hold my body in mid flight

A hit of power coursing through the veins

As one slides into a muffled world

Below the surface you can’t hurt me

I’m in a daydream world.

2 thoughts on “the scent of swimming pool

  1. Margot Kinberg

    There is something almost hypnotic, isn’t there, Rachel, about being in the water. It’s healing on a lot of levels, and it’s no wonder to me that hydrotherapy has had some success. I’ve never been good enough at swimming to compete, but I do enjoy the feeling of swimming.

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