on the dating site

There’s the one who poses with their top off

Muscles flexed, phone held high

And then there’s one who sends one message

And disappears without another word.

It feels like fishing when you organise a date

A bite on the end of the line, that fizzles out

Another one that’s seen a girl that’s prettier

Or a girl who earns more money, or likes to party.

I’m told it’s a numbers game, which seems

A little bit ruthless, if you ask me,

All in the name of love

The most brutal game

I. Have. Ever. Played.


3 thoughts on “on the dating site

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I think dating’s always been awkward and uncomfortable and a lot of other things, Rachel. But with online dating, somehow it’s gotten worse. There’s so much that’s negative about it, and it can be really dangerous, too. I have the strong feeling that if I were single, I’d never sign up for a dating site. Ever.

    1. patientandkindlove

      They are brutal. I once had one guy say he wasn’t going to go on any further dates with me because its a numbers game and he had been going out with a few women to see who he liked best. Apparently I didn’t make the cut!

  2. Greg Dennison

    Pretty much. My experiences with dating apps have been almost universally negative; I just get ignored most of the time, and I rarely get more than a first date. I haven’t had much luck in real life either.

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